Top 5 Sex Trends of 2021

At some point or the other, we have all turned to porn for a bit of added innovation in the bedroom. Sometimes things can get a bit mundane if there’s no effort in keeping things interesting in the sack.

So, what’s 2021 been like for the sex industry, and which trends seem to have been on the rise throughout the year?

Sex Toys

Vibrators, anal beads, cock rings, and many many others. We’ve all seen them being sold in sex shops and there’s plenty of us that own one (or a couple of them).

It’s the perfect tool for those who are perpetually horny and single, but don’t go thinking you can’t put it to good use with your sexual partner! Sex toys have become every couple’s go-to for raising the temperatures under the sheets. In fact, according to a report covered by HelloGiggles, 84% of surveyees had enjoyed using them with a partner before!

Virtual Reality (VR) Sex

The future is here folks! Do you have a crazy, kinky fantasy that you can’t find the courage to share with your partner? Now you get to make it a reality without worrying about the other participant being weirded out.

All you’ll need is your VR headset, and a few sex toys… you know, for a more “realistic” experience.

VR sex has been around since 2014. It was initiated by vrbangers that nowadays, even have their own app! Besides, the site itself can still be used today for some fresh VR porn “screenplay”.

Erotic Audio Stories

For those of us who are not the “visual” type though, audio sex stories is a new trend that emerged in 2019. Audio erotica has become the new discreet way to get “steamy” in public!

All you have to do is download some audio clips on your phone or even visit some sites, pop some headphones on, lean back and turn up the ‘pleasure’ volume.

Just as a heads-up though, always check your headphones are plugged in before you press that play button. You don’t want to end up being known as the “subway pervert”.

Pelvic Floor Orgasm Workout

Oh yes, you’ve heard that right ladies, you can “workout” your way to a more intense orgasm!

There’s plenty of exercises you can add to your schedule that can help you reach a point you’ve never reached before but, the most popular by a large margin is the Kegels.

I feel like the majority of us get sweaty even hearing the word “exercise” these days but, most of these don’t take much effort and the result is definitely worth it! For a bit of extra “stimulation” on your workout, you can pair it up with some kegel balls… Trust us, it will be worth your while.

Male Pleasure

But, 2021 hasn’t been all about the female orgasm. In fact, men have become more and more willing to put their sexualities to the test and explore some “forbidden” erogenous zones.

While prostate stimulation is a more known activity in the LGBTQ+ community, many straight men have begun dipping their toes in these stimulating waters.

At this point, I don’t think anyone would be surprised that some sex toys make an appearance here too. From butt plugs to anal vibrators, there’s quite a large chunk of the market today targeting men for these items. Not to mention that there are quite a few today marketed and made specifically for men.

So, which one will you be trying before the end of the year? If VR sex sounds too futuristic and you don’t feel like putting some exercise in, there’s always the good ol’ vibrator you could bring to the bedroom.

Don’t let this year pass you by without a new sexual experience!