Crypto Faucet

Grab $DOLZ to use them in a whole ecosystem built for collectors and gamers.

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    This page is an experimental faucet, a common thing on most cryptocurrency coins. Here you can receive some free Dolz Token. See it as a small token of appreciation for using our page and the Polygon network.

    By submitting the following form with a Polygon wallet address it will receive some free DOLZ Token. Currently you may receive anything between 0.00005 and 0.002000000 DOLZ. This may change in the future.

    You can submit once a week. Claims will be sent out manually in bundles.

    Thanks for stopping by our faucet 🙂

    The DOLZ token will be used in the whole apps and games ecosystem, where to unlock exclusive perks (discounts, unique content, exclusive previews, etc):

    • in the iStripper world (desktop software, mobile interactive app, VR videos);
    • in the VR Paradise VR game (released in 2018 - multiplayer and
      adult entertainment VR metaverse upcoming).