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How Do You Say


When this scene opens, Valery is wearing white short shorts that hug her ass and a red top that accentuates her curves and big, fake tits. Her heels aren’t high but they’re clear and still count as fuck-me pumps. Then again, anything Valery wears says, “Fuck me.” She’s got that look. After a brief interview in which we get to hear this sexy Colombian speak Spanish, Valery bends over so Carlos can suck on her ass and finger her pussy. Then Valery shows off her blowjob skills, which are very advanced and include deep cock-sucking and ball-licking. They must teach blowjobs in Colombia. She lies back, and he eats her pussy while fingering her asshole. Are you getting the hint yet? Yes, there’s a lot of focus on Valery’s ass and asshole in this video, and in the end, Valery gets it in the end. Do you like it in the ass, Valery? “Si!”

Date: January 7, 2024