Make Money With Your Own Homemade Outdoor Video

Make money with your own homemade outdoor video uploads!

You can now earn money with outdoor adult tube!

With small effort anyone can earn money, just follow the simple rules as described below:

  • video must be your own content or that you must have the legal rights to publish the content;
  • video must be minimum 2 minutes long;
  • video must contain pornographic or erotic content;
  • video should be uploaded exclusively to and not copied from other websites;
  • You can use your own watermark on your videos, but site names or any reference to a site other then is not allowed (except for OnlyFans name which is allowed);
  • video must be taken outdoor, at least partially, – ie. garden, beach;
  • any kind of manipulation, duplicate accounts will result in disqualification to earn;
  • zero tolerance for child or other kind of illegal content, doing so will result in immediate reporting to relevant authorities;
  • registered email address must be a valid and frequently watched address.

How much you can earn

The uploaded video must be watched 10.000 times in full to earn 10 USD. The received rating on the video has no effect on the earning.

Additional benefits

When any of your videos are reaching 30.000 views then your OnlyFans hyperlink can be placed in the description of the video.

With 50.000 views a text link can be placed to your adult blog or social media site.


Payment can be requested only when eligibility email has been received from the admins by replying from the same address. Processing of payment can take up to 10 business days.