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Starla Fox Wakes Up The Best Way – ChicaBoom


Now that she’s a big time porn star making the enormous bucks, Starla Fox clings to her roots more than ever before. She misses her quaint Argentinian upbringing of waking up in the morning to the smell of chickens, abandoned trucks and the rotting corpses of murdered drug dealers. Make jokes if you will, Starla’s bloodline and heritage did bequeath her one positive attribute- she comes from a family of very nice looking feet. To this day, Starla thanks her lucky stars that mom insisted on her wearing shoes to school, of the belief that a drunk’s vomit curdling between your toes sooner or later takes its negative toll. In this clip Starla is seen in bed curled in an alluring fuck-me fetal position. She’s wearing a red satin gown, exposing her left breast and bare legs. The immediate impulse of course is to jump her bones like some Vato from the street and have your way with her. If she were back in the village, that’s what ordinarily would have happened and a way most girls her age began their day. But this is Hollywood, the big time, and the civilized thing to do would be to pay Starla her hourly rate before proceeding. We deliver the most delicious Latina spice this side of East Los Angeles! Mexican, Columbian, Peruvian, Spanish… all the dark, feisty, hot Latina’s you can handle – and more – going all the way in pretty glamour photos and hardcore sex scenes!

Date: December 30, 2023